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Jabones El Abra

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Jabones para Cuidar

Desde 1946, Jabones el Abra destaca por la calidad de sus productos. Unido a su fiel compromiso por el cuidado de sus cliente y del medioambiente, hace que nuestros detergentes sean una solución eficaz y sostenible.

Jabones El Abra

 Nuestros detergentes son la mejor solución para higienizar y desmanchar su medio de vida, contacte con nosotr@s y expónganos sus necesidades, estamos para hacerle la vida mas fácil.




The company was created in 1946 under the commercial name JABONES EL ABRA.

From its beginning it was dedicated to the manufacture of soap. Transparent soap began in the fifties. At this time, the soap bar market was at its most expanding moment, and the facilities were expanded to meet the new market demands.

In the sixties there was a change in the market and detergents appeared. The company began the reconversion, beginning the manufacture of these products. Since that date, Jabones el Abra has been dedicated to the investigation of new Detergency products, both domestic and industrial.

At the end of the seventies, beginning of the eighties, the Company focused its activity on the industrial sector. Since then, and due to continuous research and modernization of processes, the company has a magnificent present and a promising future.


We are manufacturers of industrial detergents. We have our own laboratory where we develop our products, with a clear commitment to R+D+I and a high quality standard.

We have a new automated factory in Ortuella Vizcaya, with approximately 4,000m2 of facilities that include the R+D+I laboratories, production plant, bottling plant, and raw materials and distribution warehouse.

We have distributors throughout Spain and also in Europe and South America.